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Coding for Kids

Tech Toys Code & Play (ages 4-7) | Weekend Workshop | Sept 17 - Oct 29

Tech Toys

Young children play with a variety of award-winning tech toys, apps and robots that introduce them to early computational thinking and Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) in a fun and playful way. Toys are safe, educational and age-appropriate.

PRICE:  $235.  No HST.

DATES:  Sundays, September 17 -  October 29, 2017

TIMES:  1pm - 2pm

REQUIREMENTS:  Kids should dress for play as some floor activity required.

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Coding for Kids

Game Makers using Scratch (ages 8-14) | Weekend Workshop | Sept 17 - Oct 29

Game Makers

This 7-week program is a great introduction or refresher to the fundamentals of coding. Kids create interactive video games that build upon their math and logic skills. Kids also get a chance to present their project to the class.

Kids learn how to code cool video games - including game structure, graphics, sound, animation, and characters - using Scratch, an introductory programming language created by MIT and used by millions of budding programmers worldwide.

PRICE:  $280.  No HST.

DATES:  Sundays, September 17 -  October 29, 2017

TIMES:  2:30pm - 4pm

REQUIREMENTS:  Kids are encouraged to bring their own laptop  (or a Codezilla chromebook will be provided)