To celebrate our long-awaited return to schools, we’re throwing a STEM Party!

Book a school-wide STEM Party, and Codezilla will donate
$1000 to your Parent Council!*

Regular Price: $3,500
Price After Donation: $2,500

This works out to just $5 per student (or $2.50 per hour) based on 500 students.


Promotion Details

What’s Included In A STEM Party?

The Codezilla team will come into your school and provide 2 hours of STEM and coding fun for everyone! It includes:

    Game Makers Coding: our #1 school program is like ‘LEGO on a laptop’! Create a dynamic video game with real coding terms (teachers get to learn, too!)
    Tech Toys Code + Play: learn computational thinking with award-winning (and often screen-free) STEM toys for big and little hands!
    Slime + Circuits: make ooey-gooey slime and then combine it with circuits to play a digital drum or piano. It’s slime-tastic fun!
    ‘What is Coding? Who’s a Coder?’ Funny, relatable, everyday examples of how coding impacts our daily lives and why it’s important for kids to learn. (10 min live presentation) 
    Codezilla certificates: Codezilla camp coupons and/or photo-certificates of accomplishment 

Only 10 STEM Parties available at this special offer.

Offer expires September 30, 2022.

Apply here to book and purchase your STEM party -or- to get on the waitlist!

* STEM party offer is limited to ten (10) schools in the Toronto GTA region only, on a first come, first serve. Your STEM Party must be booked and fully paid ($3500 plus HST) by September 30, 2022 to qualify for a $1000 school donation. Your school STEM Party can run anytime within the 2022 – 2023 school year.

Each $1000 donation to the participating school’s Parent Council will be issued as a cheque or e-transfer by May 31, 2023. Offer expires September 30, 2022 subject to availability. Codezilla reserves the right to cancel or alter the offer at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have a smaller school with only 300 students. Are we able to take part or to pay less if it is a smaller school?

A: Yes! Since you have less students, we can offer you a special rate of just $2500 for approximately 300 students — with a $500 donation. That works out to approximately $6 per student (just $3/hour). That’s a great deal, as we typically charge 3-4x per child per hour.

Q: How would the activities be differentiated for each grade?

A: This can either be a STEM Night (parents are present) OR a STEM Day (teachers are present). 

  • Game Makers Coding: Gr 1-6 (Younger children are welcome with an adult)
  • Tech Toys Code + Play: Gr 1-3 (Younger children are welcome with an adult)
  • Slime + Circuits: SK – Gr4 (Younger children are welcome with an adult)

We have done both STEM Nights and STEM days for schools in the past – where all children get access to our award-winning STEM activities – so both options are possible. Our end goal is ‘Safe, Educational Fun’ that builds school spirit!

Q: What do the activities look like? Do you have any photos or video examples?

A: Our programs are teacher-approved and kid-loved! Here are some videos of the kids coding video games, playing with award-winning tech toys or enjoying slime making! You can also see photos on our Codezilla Instagram page. 

Q: How long would the program be? 

Each STEM Party is 2-hours for students, plus we arrive early/stay later to set up and clean up. So it’s a turn-key party for the students and staff!

BONUS: many teachers contact us directly for help on teaching coding to their class. This is a perfect way to enable your teachers to see our live lesson, so the kids can continue coding in class after the party!