Tech Toys 1+2

Tech Toys Code + Play (K-Gr3)
Play a digital piano with Play-Doh! Program a mini-robot with a marker! Classic toys, 21st Century twist.

Enjoy a variety of educational, award-winning toys that promote early computational thinking and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Most toys are screen-free. All toys encourage creativity, problem-solving and team work in a play-based environment.

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Codezilla _ Game Makers

 Game Makers (Gr 2-8)
#1 Selling workshop! A great introduction to coding fundamentals

Code an interactive project or video game using Scratch, a kit-friendly programming language created by MIT ('LEGO meets Powerpoint'). Kids learn elements of a great video game structure, characters, graphics and sound, plus coding terms such as sequence, patterns, coordinates, loops and more. 

All games are non-violent and chosen to appeal to all genders. 

See photos: Codezilla's Game Makers Program - In School
See photos: Codezilla's Game Makers Program - Weekend Workshops


Math Makers (Gr 2-8)
Make math come alive by creating an engaging and interactive video game!

Many coding principles (patterns, coordinates, variables) are the cornerstone of important math concepts. This workshop exposes kids to math in a fun and stress-free manner. No boring worksheets or math drills! Kids build their math skills by creating and then playing their math-based video games and animations.

Game Makers Level 1

App Makers (Gr 5-8)
Take your coding skills to the next level by building a dynamic app!

Work as a team to build an app that solves a real life problem. Learn the fundamentals of app development such as wire-framing, programming and app design. Kids will develop both technical and soft skills, such as Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical thinking/problem-solving (the '4 C's').

Game Makers 2

Web Makers (Gr 5-8)
Proudly design, develop and launch your very own website!

Focusing on a hero, hobby, or a mini-bio, kids learn the fundamentals of web programming by creating their own personalized website. Using two of the most popular web programming languages, HTML (the site 'skeleton') and CSS (for fancy details), kids will be empowered by creating their own digital footprint.


Birthday Parties (Age 4 - 14)
It's a birthday party like no other! 

Depending on your child's age and interest, choose from any of our tech-rrific and goop-tastic party themes such as Tech Toys, Game Makers or our super popular, Slime + Circuits. Perfect from 12-20 children depending on party theme and location.

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