The instructors were wonderful, and the activities were fun for the kids. The event space in the Annex was great too. The kids had a great time!! - Roger, dad of a Gr 2, tech toys loving kid


Codezilla Birthday Party Details

Ages: 4 - 14

Party Size: 12 children (including birthday child). Option to book larger room for 18-20 children.

Days: Saturdays, Sundays

   10:00am - 12:00pm
   1:00pm - 3:00pm
   4:00pm - 6:00pm
Note: Additional times may be available

Choose from any of our 4 locations:

- 215 Spadina Ave (Queen W)
- 720 Bathurst St (Annex)
- 585 Dundas St. E (Regent Park)
- 310 Danforth Ave (Greektown)

Cost: $595 - $895 + HST (price varies by party theme, age of children,  number of children and drop off vs parents staying)

Birthday Party Includes:
- Party Room for 2 hours (90 min play, 30 min food/cake)
- 2-3 experienced, friendly instructors (university students studying STEM)
- All party supplies (20 laptops, iPads, tech toys or slime materials) - plus set up/clean up! 
- Re-usable plates, glasses, serving bowls, cutlery (available at 3 CSI locations only)
- small gift for birthday child
- $25 Codezilla gift certificates for all guests

Choose from any of our tech-rrific, slime-tastic party themes!

1. Tech Toys (ages 4 - 10): Play with award-winning toys that nurture early computational thinking. See photos.

2. Game Makers (ages 8 - 14): Code a dynamic video game with characters, motion and sound using Scratch. See photos.

3. Math Makers (ages 8 - 14): Create a dynamic video game that promotes important math concepts. See photos.

4. Slime + Circuits (ages 4 - 14): Combine ooey gooey slime with circuits to make music! (Slime is made with a Borax-water solution). See photos.


Ready to book your Coding, Tech Toys or Slime + Circuits birthday party? We'd love to know the following:

   1. age your child is turning
   2. number of children attending (including your child)
   3. desired tech birthday party theme
   4. desired location
   5. desired time slot


Looking For Cool Loot Bag Stuffers?

We've got slime-tastic loot bag stuffers! Small size packs, ready made to avoid the mess!

12 x 3oz containers - $36