Through Coding, We Give Kids A Career Advantage

One million well-paying (and unfilled) computing jobs by 2020  (Source: Code.org)

As parents, educators and programmers, we know that computers are the backbone of our economy, as well as our children's’ future.

At Codezilla, we give kids a head start to loving & learning one of the most important skills of the 21st Century: computer programming.

So what starts as an introduction, soon becomes second nature, and provides kids with an all-important 'insurance policy' for life.

Why Choose Codezilla Kids?

Tech Teacher coding

Quality Instructors

Our instructors are computer science grads, tech wizards and hackathon enthusiasts.

They're super smart. And super fun!


We applaud effort.  We root for success.

And we encourage kids to try, try again to build determination and resilience (aka GRIT)!

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Early Years Programs

We introduce young kids to the latest tech toys, helping to stimulate natural curiosity.

It's hands-on learning through play-based fun. 



Our Team

Coding and Tech Toys Instructors

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Sheri Allain

Founder & Chief Lizard

 Digital marketer for 17 years, mother to 2 STEM-loving girls, active PA mom & passionate about coding as a critical skill set.

Jared SC

Helen D

Shervin K

Ralph SL

Over a decade of experience in IT. Web and game making guru. Scratch genius and Minecraft maniac!

UofT Computer Science Undergrad and Scratch pro!

UofT Computer Science Undergrad. Math whiz.

UofT Computer Science Undergrad. Scratch pro, AI enthusiast, Hackathon-er.



Chiara Cautillo

Chiara Cautillo

Former Teacher, Toronto Catholic District School Board


Diana Truong

Diana Truong

Teacher and Education Manager for Peekapak


Karen Menezes

Karen Menezes

Special Educator and Mental Health Professional.


Tigist Amdemichael

Tigist Amdemichael

Science Teacher, Science Consultant and contributor to curriculum development and science textbooks.